Message from Shri. Mahesh Singh Patel Ji

(Hon’ble Chairman)

At the outset, I wish to thank you for your interest in joining this institution and I welcome you to our portals. I am fully aware of the aspirations and hopes of the young. I deem it an honor to be at the helm of an institution that helps so many youths like yourself to achieve their heart’s desire in entering the vocation of their choice. I wish to assure you that our predominant aim is to ensure that you build the foundation of your successful career in this institution.
Modern education is all about preparing for the future. In this, I am referring to educational standards that are in vogue all over the world. And with our country launching itself into the globalization process, it is quite likely that many of you will rub shoulders with the academic cream of the world and will find yourselves competing with the best among the best.
In such a scenario, the realization is clear that the precious years immediately ahead need to be concentrated on productive activity. Every minute needs to be planned and accounted for. Every hour must be programmed to contribute to your preparation for the arduous but glorious days ahead. Each drop of sweat and each step of effort go towards conditioning you in every manner in order that you may surge ahead of others.
At this point in time, I wish to reiterate two points the first being that in the light of what I have just mentioned, the institution will do all in its capacity to bring out the best in you. The second is that on your part, we would like you to supplement the efforts of the management by co-operating in its overall plan to establish the highest standards of academic excellence.
I look forward to greeting you.

BNCP Chairman Mahesh Singh Patel
BNCP Director General Prof. (Dr.) Raghuvir Kumar

Message from Prof. (Dr.) Raghuvir Kumar

(Director General)

It gives me immense pleasure to utter few words about B. N. College of Pharmacy, Lucknow, the pioneer of Pharmacy education in Uttar Pradesh. This Pharmacy College is a proud addition to the host of Baijnath Charitable and Educational Trust. It is committed to providing high-end educational programs in the area of Pharmacy Sciences to churn out industry professionals.

The Pharmaceutical Industry, today, is at the forefront of India’s science-based industries with wide-ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture and technology. Hence, to improve the quality of education, we run academic programs, industrial visits, and hands-on experience in the area of pharmaceutical sciences. Apart from this, we have very skilled faculty members having experience in both academics and industry. We are committed to providing a ragging-free campus along with personal counseling.

Life at B. N. College of Pharmacy encompasses a wide range of activities in addition to academics, such as seminars, workshops, Industrial tours, cultural events, and sports for the overall development of students. We intend to care for quality education in the Pharmacy sector, world-class facilities, and innovative teaching. We assure you of a perfect learning atmosphere at this institute.

Let’s find positivity and stay connected always for education growth.

With Best wishes,
Prof. (Dr.) Raghuvir Kumar
(B.E., M.E., Ph.D.) Director-General

B. N. College of Pharmacy,
Nh-24, Sitapur Road, Bakshi Ka Talab,
Lucknow (226201), U.P.



I intensely welcome and request all to visit and traverse our institute. The voyage was started with an aim to develop competent pharmacists with innovative skills and research ideas for the growth of pharmacy’s future.

Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, production, disposal, safe & effective use, and control of medications and drugs. Pharmacy courses in India are industry-oriented. Hence, graduates of pharmacy courses have a high employment quotient as compared to other healthcare fields.

The pharmacy courses comprise subjects like Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharma Management, etc. It also comprises new-age disciplines such as data sciences and nano-technology. The demand for pharma graduates is high in sectors like health care, research, manufacturing, medical marketing, pharma co-vigilance, drugs inspector, drugs controller, hospital pharmacists, big-data analyst, computational pharmacist, healthcare management scientist, life-cycle management scientist, etc.

We ensure to provide true knowledge of medicines which makes our society healthier and plays crucial roles in the development of our country. For fulfilling this objective, we promote high-quality education, and training & research in pharmaceutical sciences. We inspire the students to take part in conferences and research projects to enhance their ideas with entrepreneurship.

Apart from academic activities, BN College of Pharmacy practices to preserve our culture by organizing recognizable curriculum and extra curriculum activities. The welfare of the student community is on par with us as competitive knowledge is our prime motto.

Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Kumar Singh
(M. Pharm, Ph.D.)

B. N. College of Pharmacy,
Nh-24, Sitapur Road, Bakshi Ka Talab,
Lucknow (226201), U.P.